Ohio Gutter System Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Truss DuraTrac far superior to conventional gutter installations?

3 Critical Reasons

  • There are NO holes in your gutter which creates a water tight seal.
  • The gutters are allowed to move freely which is critical when affixing any type of metal to a structure.
  • Truss DuraTrac allows for ventilation behind your gutter therefore eliminating condensation so your fascia will stay dry.

2. How Strong is Truss DuraTrac?

Current Maximum Load/Weight Capacity is as follows:

  • 1-Gallon of Water Weighs 8.3 lbs.
  • 5" Gutters - .6234 gal. per ft. = 5.21 lbs. per foot of gutter
  • 6" Gutters - .92 gal. per ft. = 7.6 lbs. per foot of gutter

Product Testing Inc. performed an independant test of the Truss DuraTrac Gutter System and found that the load capacity when using the Truss DuraTrac was 11.3 times or 1130% greater than that of other 5" gutters at full capacity and 7.6 times or 760% greater than that of other 6" gutters at full capacity.  These tests prove that the Truss DuraTrac system will not only handle the weight of a gutter full of water, but it can also take on heavy gutter loads caused by ice and snow.

Product Testing Inc. is certified with the Florida State Board of Professional Engineers  under Certificate No. EB-0006775 and with the Building Code Compliance Office, Miami-Dade County, Administrative Order 10-3 under Laboratory Certification No. 06-1121.06.

To view Product Testing Inc.'s complete test results on the Truss DuraTrac Gutter System, please download the report.

3. Can I install Truss DuraTrac?

No, DuraTrac must be installed by an authorized dealer. Your Ohio gutter system installer will be glad to do this..

4. Do spike ferrel and hidden hanger installations really cause water damage resulting in rot, mold, and failing gutters?

Yes, don't take our word for it, pick a state, look in the yellow pages under gutters and see how many "gutter contractors" are advertising that they will replace rotted fascia boards! Also ask the contractor why they guarantee the material for 30 years but the installation-labor for 1, 2, 3 years? Click here to see homes without Truss DuraTrac.

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